Le violoncelle fait son cinéma

The Swiss cellists, "carte blanche" to Ophélie Gaillard
Le violoncelle fait son cinéma

The Swiss Cellists
Ophélie Gaillard, Artistic direction

Violoncellists (alphabetic order)
Clément Dami
Florestan Darbellay
Laurent Issartel
Joël Marosi
Anna Minten

Clémence Tilquin, soprano
Maria Busquets et Daniel Leveillé, tap dance
Alejandro De Benedectis et Ángela Baciu, tango

John Barry James Bond
Maurice Jarre Jivago
Johann Sebastian Bach Saraband
Marin-Marais Tous les matins du monde
Nini Rota God father, La strada
Yann Tiersen Amélie Poulain
Lalo Schifrin Mission impossible
Charlie Chaplin Modern Times
Samuel Barber Platoon
Dick Dale Mirsilou (Pulp Fiction)
Shigeru Umebayashi In the mood for love
Roberto Mancini Moon River
Astor Piazzolla Tango lesson, Enrico IV
Leonard Bernstein West side story

Arrangements by M. Ugo Reser and M. Dimitri Soudoplatoff

Tonight the spotlight is on the cello! With Bach, Chaplin or Bernstein, soundtracks from cult films such as Tous les matins du monde, Saraband, West Side Story or Modern Times will permeate the stage and plunge into the fantastic world of cinema. The Swiss Cellists and their surprise guests, led by Ophélie Gaillard, concert performer and teacher at the Haute école de musique de Genève, will certainly put you "in the mood for love".
Created at the height of the pandemic by Ophélie Gaillard, the PontiCello association aims to provide an ecosystem of solidarity and sustainability in French-speaking Switzerland. Designed by artists for citizens, it is a creative laboratory open to the world where generations and different artistic genres meet. Its motto: “Do it together!”. The musical adventure offered by this young association promises beautiful shared moments.